Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Foxification of Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Why is Repug leaning, trash talking Chris Cillizza being aloud to spew his opinion on MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann? Cillizza is trash talking the legal process of the recount, stating that Al Franken’s lawyer is an "ace". So I guess this implies that Norm Coleman's lawyer must have been poor legal representation, right? I wonder if Coleman's attorney finds Cillizza insinuations offensive because Coleman’s lawyer apparently was incompetent legal counsel next to Al Franken's "ace" of a lawyer?

Now, I realize that Keith Olbermann is nothing more than another hype program, a sort-of flip side of FOX News and therefore not real news per say, but this crapshoot from partisan extraordinaire, Chris Cillizza is being substituted for news and does so in such a destructive manner that it really crosses the line. The question that needs to be asked is why would Norm Coleman go out and hire himself an incompetent lawyer? The fact that Cillizza feels that Franken hired an "ace" lawyer while Coleman didn't hire a qualified lawyer is simply opinionated, partisan rubbish. I'm sure Coleman's lawyer would find Cillizza's words insulting not only to himself but the firm who hires him. What is Chris Cillizza hoping the Minnesota Supreme Court will do? We know the Court wouldn't rule that Norm Coleman had an incompetent lawyer and therefore Franken can't win the recount? It is clear that Mr. Cillizza has no faith in the US legal system, BUT don't we all KNOW that that arm-chair pundit, Mr. Cillizza is merely making things up like "ace" lawyer and even when Cillizza is implying that there is always the "uncouth legal business of lawyers" simply because the court failed to rule in Republican favor - because then, at least with Republicans and their pundits, all the fault is either those "activist judges" and now it's an unfair “ace” lawyer advantage that is representing Democrats who use “underhanded” tactics in the legal process. I'm sick of garbage talk being substituted for news that has no bearing whatsoever on reality. American no longer gets real news on television anymore because it's all coming out of our nationalized mob owned news organizations. Cillizza is NOT a journalist. Cillizza is a Republican spin doctor parading about as journalist.

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