Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Wall Street Journal

WSJ is so DUMB and this column today is an example of exactly how Rupert Murdock thinks 100% of the time and I'm sure the members of the AEI are, no doubt, applauding this crap but regular heartland American citizens, I wonder, are they?

Mr. Blagojevich appointed Mr. Burris to represent Illinois on Tuesday, ahead of the official start of the 111th Congress next week. This was certainly an act of brash defiance given that nearly everyone had warned the Governor not to do so after he was heard on tape contemplating the sale of the seat for personal gain. But under Illinois law, Mr. Blagojevich had every legal right to do so.


Blagojevich had EVER legal right to sell the senate seat for personal gain????

Okay! Cause you know that under the Bush administration, all lobbyist were required to fire any known party members from "the left" (i.e. Democrats) and than HIRE only Republican people for all those cushy, crony positions inside lobbyist firms, if these same lobbyist wanted Republicans to even consider their corrupt money vested request. The GOP believes that if Bush does something illegal, it's totally okay because he is president and thus allowed to do any criminal act he wants as a matter of being in the Republican Party, and NOW too, if the GOP does something illegal, it's okay as well because they're the Party of "above the law" politics too. Whatever is good for lame duck Bushie, is good for the GOP as well. Gov. Blagojevich wasn't doing anything that Republican Governors haven't done at every opportunity for personal gain and benefit and there is nothing wrong with it, and Repugs call it LEGAL when they do it.

The neo-cons are a seriously corrupt bunch of assholes and they bend over backwards to show it on daily basis, be on FOX News (faux news) or the WSJ. THIS is why the GOP is completely dependent on corrupt corporate funding even if it doesn't quite keep up with those "legions of faceless small donors" which are known of as the faceless American people to Repugs everywhere. Such acts of democrat camaraderie might put the special interest corporate controlled Republicans out-of-business as well as all their so-called government service which is only for the exclusive purpose of personal gain.

Yeah, just keep writing columns like that WSJ and even the ignorant people in heartland and deep South American are going to start wondering just what it is that the GOP does for Americans citizens, I mean, other than looting taxpayer money for personal gain and for special interest campaign contributions to the non-conservative act of funding unbid contractors. Jeebus, the GOP knows no shame and seems utterly hell-bent on achieving third party status! God spend GOP, God spend on that endeavor!

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