Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Isn't This Man in JAIL?

Why would Obama even think that we, as a nation can move beyond Cheney's admission of torture as if nothing happened from this lastest CNN testament give by Dick Cheney on Sunday's Late Edition? AND, Cheney's waterboarding doesn't cover this administration's act of extraordinary rendition which happened to more than merely three persons. Since Obama is saying "no one is above the law" how do we account for what Dick Cheney is saying here, if indeed, Cheney is not "above the law"? Doesn't this make Barack Obama not only a liar but a co-conspirator, as Obama is intending on aiding and abetting the criminal act of helping the Bush Administration to hide their use of torture.

It's just business as usual, because the Bush Administration lied, it did in fact torture people and now Barack Obama is lying too, same as he did with the FISA Bill. It gets worse from here on out as one lie leads to another. Obama talks big for someone who is intending on doing nothing.

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