Thursday, January 8, 2009

DLC Democrats


WASHINGTON -- President-elect Barack Obama named Tim Kaine to succeed Howard Dean as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, calling the Virginia governor a man who shares his "pragmatic, progressive" philosophy.

Jeebus, why not just appoint Al From and get it over with? Obama is not "change you can believe in" at all, as Obama is merely the same, corrupt, flip side of the Republican Party. Obama is lossing me here and others too, as change is coming from Obama, it isn't coming at all, not with this his latest crap and I'm no Dem myself, so it isn't about "reaching across any partisan aisles - that as always is BIGGEST lie. Can we not see why Obama lied about the FISA Bill and will continue to LIE to the American people, because corporations come first, you know it, the telecoms did, and big oil will too, because Obama is a DLC Dem - or a criminal politican by any other name, same as Bush and Cheney, and thus, Obama will lie to the average American, just like the Bushies did and he is going to use all of Bushies cheezy lines to do it too, don't you just know it.

THIS is why Howard Dean should have left the Democratic Party in his dust, it wasn't NEVER his Party, not than and NOT now. This is because DLC Dems are exactly same as AEI Repugs, and are therefore, not any more honest that the Bushies in all their criminal dealings. It's the party of corporate will - fuck the American people by telling every convenient lie available.

THIS is why Obama trashed, because Big Oil comes first and Obama honors the corporate criminal doctrine in order to honor his DLC pledge of allegiance.

Oh yes, and THIS is why Republicans love Hillary SO MUCH - she is the last, best hope for Western oil contractors, in case Americans haven't guess this yet, it's why Obama is going to keep troops in Iraq after all.

So it happened that the White House (and most of the press corps) passed over in public silence a key paragraph in the recently concluded U.S.-Iraqi agreement on the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.

Article 26, section 3 of that agreement reads as follows: "Consistent with a letter from the President of the United States to be sent to the Prime Minister of Iraq, the United States remains committed to assist Iraq in connection with its request that the U.N. Security Council extend the protections and other arrangements established in Resolution 1483 (2003) and Resolution 1546 (2003) for petroleum, petroleum products, and natural gas originating in Iraq, proceeds and obligations from the sale thereof, and the Development Fund for Iraq."

On Dec. 7, 2008, barely a week after the Iraqi Parliament approved the withdrawal agreement, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki wrote the U.N. Security Council requesting the mentioned extension; and on Dec. 22, in the news trough before Christmas, the Security Council granted it. But what does the extension really mean?

It means on the surface that Iraq will enjoy only partial control over its key national asset for another year, but it means as well that no one really knows who will end up with prime access to the world's second- or third-largest oil reserves.

Hillary has one year to save those Western oil contracts and Obama won't get the help of the UN or NATO anymore than big time liar, George W. Bush did because Obama will continue the very same lies about Iraqi democracy that Dubya did. Perhaps Obama is a moderate form of organized, syndicated criminal behavior but he is STILL very much a CRIMINAL who fully intends to act in a criminal capacity – we are still looking at mob control in the Office of President of US. Nothing changed except the label.

This all makes me wonder if Illinois Governor Blagojevich isn't actually being railroaded? I mean WHY can't Barack Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (aka, Karl Rove the II) be subject to a subpoena in the pending impeachment of Gov. Blagojevich? Is Patrick Fitzgerald REALLY a non-partisan attorney because I'm really beginning to wonder about Fitz and how that lawyer wouldn't dream of sparimg Ms. Judith Miller as a witness but somehow doesn't want a peep out of Emanuel to ruin his investigation? It seems that even the legal scholar Johnathan Turley is wonder why the Dems don't seat Roland Burris? Must be because Burris isn't a DLC Democrat like what Obama really wanted in his stead? I mean, seeing as how much Obama couldn't wait to be rid of Howard Dean, perhaps poor old Gov. Blago just isn't corrupt enough for the DLC Dems, so Obama got Fitz to play a little game of entrapment. Something fishy is sure hell going on with that crap.

Something tells me, Gov. Blago isn't going anywhere and Obama is about to be as passonately HATED as George W. Bushie ever was, all the historic la la la about being the first color Preznut aside, Martin Luther King did say something about content of character after all. It seems Gov. Blago is alot more like Dr. Stephen Hatfield than he is like the poor, late Dr. Ivins. Gov. Blago isn't going to quietly commit suicide for Obama and the thugish DLC gang. I guess Gov. Blago's just doesn't share Obama's "pragmatic, progressive" DLC philosophy and that is probably Gov. Blago ONLY crime.

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