Friday, January 2, 2009


The dirt bag GOP.

Palin Says New Parents Levi and Bristol 'Working Their Butts Off' FOXNews - Jan 1, 2009.

I mean, because gosh, only God knows that little Ms. "shop till she drops" (Conservative-NOT) Palin is just dumb enough ONLY for heartland American - you know, the values voters with no real values to speak of - those who don't appear to really have much value, at least not in an eduction, not even a a high school level one, and certainly not facts either, or in reading or realism of any kind. Just remember how they yelled in those video's of McCain supporters to "get a job" as if all those "faceless" Obama contributors didn't have job or something, yeah, right? You know who I'm talking about, those Netroot's people that don't exist for the GOP (for good reason, I might add - as the GOP is merely an "entitlement" program, don't we all know that and why they depend exclusively on special interest corporate money, wink, wink).

Ahhhh yes, the white trash of American Party. So gosh, I sure hope Ms. Palin runs for Preznut in 2012. Nobody should doubt the truly shocking tsunami wave that will occur in heartland dumbsvilla, USA as even that is a bit much to stomach. The Repug Party's lowest, dumbest depth EVER, as if they haven't had enough stupid by half yet, and so, they need some more.

This is why Christopher Buckley said "good-bye" to the GOP - but Georgie "Purgie" Will of the WaPo still loves him so GOP dumbass and is more than happy to hang out with Brooks and Broder. Smart, my ass. One has to be more stupid everyday to be a Repug.

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