Sunday, February 1, 2009

GOP Stimulus Bill for the RICH?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to fix the bill.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he doubted the economic stimulus bill can pass the Senate in its current form. He said the bill needs to "put lead on the target immediately" with a specific focus on the housing sector and tax relief.

Okay, he's right, we need to dump the adjustable rate mortgage for GOOD, and really, Obama talks about the middle class all the time, but what about the poor? The poor working class Americans could REALLY use a bigger tax break right now so we should give it too them. Ye happy yet Mitch?

Somehow, I bet not!

Because we all know that Mitch really ONLY wants tax relief for his rich friends, don't we? Otherwise we can all brace for another round of lay-offs if we don't give into the Bush Mob Administration again, Bush is gone but still not out of office yet. It isn't Bush - it's the GOP that help Bush drive the country belly-up.

Frank Rich gets it right.

The Republicans do have one idea, of course, but it’s hardly fresh: more and bigger tax cuts, particularly for business and the well-off. That’s the sum of their “alternative” stimulus plan. Obama has tried to accommodate this panacea, perhaps to a fault. Mainstream economists in both parties believe that tax cuts in the stimulus package will deliver far less bang for the buck than, say, infrastructure spending. The tax-cut stimulus embraced a year ago by the G.O.P. induced next-to-no consumer spending as Americans merely banked the savings or paid down debt.

Mitch McConnell and Republicans want one thing and one thing ONLY - a big tax cut for their rich friends and this is the ONLY reason why Republicans have become the Party of NO. Tax cuts for big business and the wealthy is the ONLY reason Republicans are ganging up to hold the Stimulus Bill hostage, and therefore the American people hostage to the GOP's lobbyiest representatives for exactly the same kind of Wall Street crooks that have given themselves TARP bonus.

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