Thursday, February 5, 2009

If Obama is Wise....

THE worst thing Obama could do right now would be to ask Nancy Pelosi to simmer down, as she has a huge majority so really isn't it quite nasty of the House Republicans to continue to resort to name calling games - as the party of Bush has been banished for good reason, it isn't Nancy's problem. The GOP House Republicans are basically irrelevant - so play nice or don't play at all. It's up to Republicans to do that and not Nancy Pelosi's issue.

Now would be a good time for some old fashion, economic revival in Martin Luther King, Jr style of righteous indignation. Obama should let loose, in stronger terms that he did in the WaPo today. Republicans are clearly NOT interested in bipartisanship, but instead only in Rush Limbaugh style exploiting BS alone.

Pat Buchanan illustrates this clearly in his latest column.

FDR exploited the Depression to launch his New Deal, bring an end to a Republican hegemony of seven decades and make Democrats the majority party, until Richard Nixon picked the lock. While the debate is endless over whether the New Deal ended the Depression or caused it to endure until World War II spending pulled us out of the ditch, few deny that FDR left a monumental legacy.

And that Pat ends with this:

If Obama gets this one wrong, and all this pork and welfare fail to generate real growth, his party could face a wipeout in 2010, and his opportunity could be lost forever. Does he really want to bet the farm on the nag Nancy Pelosi just trotted out of the House?

Obama needs to draw the attention back to himself, as the GOP is trying to demonize Nancy, divide and conquer (not that she hasn't been the coward for far too long), but Nancy shouldn't have to give into a small minority of fringe GOP at all, period. This latest dust up isn't about Nancy, it's about the GOP continuing to play ugly games that should have ended when Bush left office. Obama will need to use his high poll numbers, use that capital or lose it as Republicans chip away at it, so long as Obama pretends that the GOP is interested in bipartisanship. They aren't.

This House Member gets it right.

Rep: Barney Frank: ""Barack Obama has this desire to be widely liked way more than is helpful. He should look to Franklin Roosevelt, who said he 'welcomed their [Republican] hatred'. We have real differences with the Republicans and, like FDR, we should draw the line."

We're done with the GOP's nasty games and we can't afford to play those games anymore. So now, Obama needs to say so in no uncertain terms. The GOP in the house has problems all right, but it's THEIR PROBLEM. It's time for Obama to Party like it's 1933.

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