Friday, February 6, 2009

Tax Cuts - Pork Barrel spending by any other name.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said on ABC's This Week to, "look at what McCain does and not what he says".

Arnold says this ONLY because McCain has a big stupid mouth, and thus, usually spills the beans in his sleepy, senile old way, exposing the sinister and ugly truth behind those Bush Republicans and their shell games.

Lets take the word "pork barrel" for instance.

Republicans have refined the art of loaded terminology. Some of the examples are: socialism, entitlements, special interest, and let's not forget that string of words, "Social Security privacy accounts" which has morphed into the word "entitlement" of late. To illustrated this fact, McCain shows how Repugs think you shouldn't be entitled to social security benefits even if when the government takes out funds from your payroll check every week to pay for social security benefits. BTW, those social security privacy "gambling" accounts would have amounted to nothing in today's Wall Street post-Bush collapsed economy, so be forewarned about tricky Repugs and their multi-underhanded snake oil marketing schemes. You know this, I know this, we all know this about the shell games Repugs love to play with taxpayer money.

Just listen as McCain talks about the mortgaging of your social security benefits.

McCain shows how the government, and particularly it WAS the Bush Administration and it's THOSE Bush Republicans that are now belly aching about the Stimulus Bill in congress, after having mortgaged everything to those guys on Wall Street, Repugs now want to mortgage Pell Grants and your child's K-12 education funding to their Wall Street campaign contributors, the same guys that got the bonuses and all the like minded, wealthy corporate special interest that support Repug campaigns and corporate influence peddled goodies.

The Pell Grant isn't "pork barrel" spending - but bonuses on Wall Street are in fact "pork barrel" spending projects, projects that Repugs NEVER, EVER complain about - or hasn't anyone notice? Obama talks about the Wall Street bonus heist but Republicans don't say a word about those Wall Street guys and the taxpayer robbery.

I have to say that McCain looks like he's almost crying in his latest TV media rounds, and it's all because Obama hasn't been bipartisan enough to let Republican's decorate his Stimulus Bill "Christmas Tree" with their rich and corporate friendly tax cut ornaments.

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