Saturday, February 7, 2009

Broder: The Republican Mafia is Losing it's Stronghold

Broder at da WaPo:

"It will obviously take much more than that to put the GOP into a position to challenge the blue wall -- "

The message is clear. Rush Limbaugh "tear down that Democratic communist wall"? The commies are taking over American as opposed to Broder's beloved capitalist controlling mafia members on the Hill. I don't know what Broder fears so much as long as those Repugs were able to preach tax cuts in order to tear down the Stimulus Bill into something no honest, non-senile American could possibly believe in. At this point perhaps it far better to let the banks fail, after all, Americans are getting nothing out of this new funny money business debt bill. There is nothing that makes the Stimulus Bill a stimulus or what it really is, a contract with American to pretend the funny money has any meaning, something that no half-wit US citizen should sign on too.

Right now, we are being lead to believe that poor Nancy Pelosi's misconception of a Stimulus Bill has Barack Obama furious about it's creation since it had too few corporate tax cuts. What was she thinking? Perhaps now, Obama should apologize for Nancy the way he did for that old spineless majority leader of the past, Tom Daschle, or better yet, just pick some Republican congress member to fill Tom's empty post in more examples of his bipartisan love-fest, and then, invite the GOP for more drinks at the Whitehouse.

Mean while TMP is wondering why Reid doesn't make Repugs filibuster?

The comical thing about Harry is that he never seems to know when to quit or when to quit. Harry Reid plays this mournful scene over and over again. I called it "the resigned loser," - take one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.... At some point, I have to wonder why Democrats like this kind of non-leader/loser so damn much? It must be because its quite the act really, and citizens or at least the netroots fall for it time and again. Those mean old Republicans! Dems only want to pretend its all the Repugs fault so they picked this hapless, lovable old loser, Reid to play the "beaten-up old man" over and over because, frankly it's quite the boon for Dems that don't like creating bills that only help average Americans citizen any more than those Repugs do. I mean, just look at all those grand influence peddled gifts and the people that Republicans always party with as they write off the nation bit by bit, that as oppose to the non-party Dems get for helping out the average boring American citizen. Oh wait, they had the AT&T Telecom Party, didn't they?

At this point in time, we do need Ronald Reagan after all. Its time to just let the banks go, just let em fall, because they're going to fall anyway. When you get right down to it, money is merely an illusion.

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