Wednesday, September 24, 2008

At least Obama didn't just sign Bush's Bailout Plan

At least the Dems were not stampeded into this Bailout Bill in the way they were with the FISA Bill, but still the lacking message from the Democrats saying nothing about the "no court review" part of Bush's crappy Bailout Bill. It seems Dems are happy with their own review, so no court review needed but we all know that Dems review is pure political and thus pure rubbish. This Bailout Bill can and probably will do noting in the long term, except provide all the wrong people with money to burn as Bushie's helps his good buds out with taxpayer money as a parting gift.

On Olbermann tonight, Chuck Todd recommend that Bush speak out to Americans and than Bush did speak tonight, but afterwords Chris Matthews on Maddow's show said that it was almost as if Bush wanted to spark a run on the banks with his "you should panic" (and give me the money or else) speech. Hasn't Bush lied about everything he ever said? Isn't that WHY Bush send out Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to deliver the bad news and why Bush sent Colin Powell to the UN to lie about WMD and had to pick General Petraeus to push for a surge in Iraq? YES, it is all because NOBODY believes Bush since Bush has pretty much established the cold hard fact that he is liar, and did it quite a while ago, back sometime in Bushies first year or so in office.

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