Sunday, September 21, 2008

Netroot Ninnies

Oh Jeebus!

Why doesn't Josh Marshall simply let Obama figure it out for him? It seems to me that TPM is simply a cheerleader for the Obama football team, not some US citizens wondering about insolvency of the nation in any real or meaningful way. It'll be whatever Obama says it is, right or wrong, applied leadership or the complete lack thereof. Why not go have a brew instead of worrying their little partisan brains about this problem until Obama put his stamp of approval on Bush's plan, just like Obama did with the FISA Vote and will do again with the bailout plan because that is what Dems do, they follow Bush mindlessly ALWAYS without fail.

So Josh doesn't need an opinion of Bush's bailout plan until Obama agrees completely with that plan, no questions asked, at which point, we all know that Josh is sure to love it the way he loved Senator Joe Biden for VP, the Democratic Bank Deregulator Extraordinaire in his own right. There is no holding Obama accountable or any Democrat accountable through the Netroots. The Netroots don't try get to the Dems to provide leadership because the Netroots don't exist for that purpose, - not really. They are nothing more than an extension of Obama's campaign staff and are not truly political activist in the sense of changing policy, NOPE, they're all merely partisan activist as Obama's FISA vote clearly proved.

Update: Charles Schumer caves (without some much as gender of proof from Paulson's claim), and it is a foreshadow of exactly the very words Obama will utter too, regulation be damned.

A failure by the government to support the U.S. financial system could lead to ``a depression,'' Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat told reporters yesterday. ``To do nothing is to risk the kind of economic downturn this country hasn't seen in 60 years.''

It doesn't matter who you vote for, you get Bush again no matter what.

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