Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Muttering Mindset of John McCain

The old corporate stooge can't leave the Vietnam era behind and it's sounds like McCain wants to recreate the post Vietnam era.

MCCAIN: Jim, when I came home from prison, I saw our veterans being very badly treated, and it made me sad. And I embarked on an effort to resolve the POW-MIA issue, which we did in a bipartisan fashion, and then I worked on normalization of relations between our two countries so that our veterans could come all the way home.

I guarantee you, as president of the United States, I know how to heal the wounds of war, I know how to deal with our adversaries, and I know how to deal with our friends.

Oh and, McCain would VETO everything "my friends," everything! Health care, education benefits, college money, highway maintenance, Katrina clean-up funds, renewable resources, and anything else Americans needed, so forget it -- it's all labeled as pork-barrel money no-no's to our friend, Sen. John McCain.

I thought we should all revive the real Vietnam War era just a bit, but not with ABBA, as that band didn't come around until after McCain's dear love of the Vietnam War era ended. The Vietnam War era was a very bitter time in American as the band Creedence Clearwater Revival showed so well in this song.

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