Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Pro-Corporate WaPo

The top headline - Democrats' Drilling Bill Angers Environmental Purists

So now we see that all the state governors of coastal states who are starting to strongly complain about this bill are now being called "Purist" by the Washington Post. Purist is a hate word.

Once again Democrats, particular Nancy Pelosi supports something no citizen really wants but merely the greedy corporate oil companies. It's a very bad bill and it's making people mad, it's making me mad at Democrats, who never stand for anything, they just talk big but than go and do whatever corporations want and what ever Republicans want. Is this what electing Obama is going to be about? Of course it is! Big talk and NO do. Maybe it's better to simple get rid of Pelosi, pick off Dems we don't like, and let McCain in as another lame duck, just don't anything he says and target these DLC Dems as a clean up measure.

Otherwise we, liberals will be saying it's okay that Obama wiretaps and continues in the Bush tradition without sunlight, without any meaningful change at all.

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