Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama's Polls (from TMP)

The scores from Talking Points Memo:

ABC/WaPo: Obama 47%, McCain 46%.
CBS: McCain 46%, Obama 44%.
CNN: McCain 48%, Obama 48%.

Maybe next time around, perhaps Josh Marshall should not just recommend drinking a beer on 4th of July and chill-out whilst Obama broke his oath of office over the FISA Bill. Instead, liberals should have been very upset that Obama lied about that FISA Bill and LET Obama know that we DO NOT appreciate that obvious lie Obama gave us about FISA - NO SIR, not one bit. FISA is the bill that sent Obama South in a hurry, and it is very reason why "Change you can Believe In" is such a dead issue now. Frank Rich of the NYT said that Obama's campaign is down to change we need - not "change you can believe in" anymore.

Glenn Greenwald was SO right - move to right and lose the election (or more like move to the wrong) - so it's too bad nobody listens to the truth when it is spoken. That FISA Bill WAS a big deal. Once everyone saw that Obama was just like any other lying Republican out there, then there cease to be any good reason left to vote for Obama over McCain, as Obama turn out to be NOT the candidate of change that we had all hoped for with the start of his campaign.

AND it's like I said before, either you get Big Oil Control or you Get Unregulated Bank control because of Obama's pick of Sen. Joe Biden as VP. It isn't much of a choice, and it is to the point where these DLC Dems are costing us election after election as they compete for the corporate vote right along with the GOP irregardless of the will of the American People.

I don't know if DLC Queen Hillary Clinton is planning on running again in 2012 but as for me, I'm SICK and I'm TIRED of DLC Democrats because they consistently use people and they lie exactly the same way Republicans lie.

You all know what I'm talking about here. That Obama lied about that FISA Bill exactly the way Bush lied about FISA and the wiretapping that Bush was doing with the help of the telecoms companies. This is where the Netroots undoes itself and loses the independent voter, because they were so partisan a group of people that they didn't care that Obama voted on that awful FISA Bill. Obama controls the Party but the Party doesn't control Obama, so that in the end it is NOT a government of the people, by the people and for the people, HECK no, it was Obama's government. Obama was going to do whatever he wanted and seriously could have care less for the will of American citizens.

So this is where we are now people, like it or not.

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