Monday, September 1, 2008

Losing OIL in Iraq

Bad news for McCain!

It looks like we're losing in IRAQ, we're losing the oil to countries other than Western Oil contractors. Oh MY!

Iraq has just signed a major oil contract and the big winner is CHINA.

Iraq Signs Oil Deal With China Worth Up to $3 Billion

BAGHDAD — In the first major oil deal Iraq has made with a foreign country since 2003, the Iraqi government and the China National Petroleum Corporation have signed a contract in Beijing that could be worth up to $3 billion, Iraqi officials said Thursday.

China, like Russia, didn't back Bush's war in Iraq, and as I remember it, when Bush delcared war with Iraq, those two countries told Bush he would destabilize the region, as Bush pretty much did destabilize the poor region, but Iraq survived US occupation and is almost free from Bush's greedy oilfield grasp. If Iraq ever does eventually sign oil contracts with Westerner oil companies, it will only be if Barack Obama is in office.

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