Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Ever Supid McCain

Found this comment at the Boston Globe, posted by Sasha Issenberg:

McCain, however, is now working not to further separate Obama from his fellow Democrats but tie him to them more directly. "His idea of reform is what his party leaders in Congress order him to do," McCain said twice today, first in Cedar Rapids and later in an evening rally here. He referred to "bosses…who give Senator Obama his marching orders."

Oh I see, Obama is suppose to be listening to who in the Democrat Party? Perhaps it is the out-of-power Clintons but somehow I rather doubt it. This is where Obama should tell Americans with an aggressive Ad that McCain's "Corporate Bosses" are exactly the same"bosses" who give George W. Bush his daily marching orders.

This is classic Karl Rove projectionism - except I would say that Karl Rove has lost his game.

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