Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ain't Democracy Grand

At least Iraq sure thinks it is free now and it's all thanks to Bush and Cheney for liberating Iraq under suspicious reasons (cough, oil, cough). Since the war was all a big lie to begin with, what exactly can Western Oil Contractors do about contract rejection?

NOT A DARN THING! So this latest news from the WaPo is sad news indeed for the Bushies.

Iraq Rejects No-Bid Contracts
Talks Over Short-Term Oil Deals Lasted Too Long, Officials Say

The oil companies were not surprised by the Iraqi decision, given the political sensitivities raised by the issue, according to an executive at one of the five companies. Speaking on the condition that he not be identified further, the executive said the deals had become less attractive because Iraqi officials had shortened the proposed length of the contracts from two years to one in response to criticism.

It's just to bad all those young American soldiers have to died for Bush's lied about war, a war that was most obviously, most definitely about OIL. In the end, lets hope Iraq does not sign a single Western oil contractor to work in Iraq. Let it be the last war for oil and the last lied about war.

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