Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mr. Greenwald takes on the Myth of the Liberal Media

Greenwald has a post up that has been exactly my beef too. The claim of a "liberal media". This is a fool's game whereby the political right simply makes up lies out of whole thin air.

Bush did this and now McCain wants to do it too. Remember that whenever a court didn't rule in Bush's favor, Bush immediately would declared the court and the judge to be "activist" and such a claim coming from a president that violated his oath of office by wiretapping and torturing makes me wonder does Bush really know what a strict constructionist judge is and what respect, if any, does Bush have for the US Constitution anyway?

So here we go again with the right-wing pundits claiming that liberal media is bias against Sarah Palin.

The right-wing zealots are saying:

1) Liberals are sexist. BUT of course we all know that this is a conservative problem, not a liberal one.
2) Liberals don't like that Palin's because her minor daughter is pregnant. Of course we know that this is religious right issue, not a liberal one.
3) Liberals think Palin can't work with her kids in tow. Once again, this is a conservative mantra, not a liberal one.

Republicans want to fool the public into an irrational lie for the same reason Bush always declared any oppositional judges to be activist judges. It's gotten too the point where if Republicans can't lie to the public, they simply would not know how to run any of their various campaigns.

Just more proof that John McCain is going to be BUSH II all over again. We can see all the exact same lies, same crony politics, same Karl Rove projectionist schemes of the Bush Administration.

UPDATE from the NYT: Giuliani to Offer Defense of Palin’s Qualifications

Gosh, the Republicans just don't have any people of merit to speak for Palin.Why not just get Jack Abramoff to endorse her?

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