Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain "Might" Make it to the Debates tonight

The Baltimore Sun:

McCain appeared to hint last night that he would be at the debate, saying it was "very possible" enough progress would be made on an bailout agreement for him to fly to Mississippi today. "I'm very hopeful, very hopeful that we can," he said in network TV interviews.

The debates are suppose to take place at 9:00 pm EST.

And this news too:
McCain and Obama are scheduled to meet twice more, on Oct. 7 and 15. Vice presidential nominees Sarah Palin and Joe Biden meet next Thursday.

Also reporting on Karl Rove's two cents worth:
Karl Rove, who guided George W. Bush's rise to the White House, has said "it may be the fall's most critical event."

Yes, it probably will be the last time Sen. John McCain is considered even a viable presidential contender, seeing as how the Bush Administration left McCain completely out of the loop with word of the Bailout Bombshell. I just don't see an upside to this situation about the bailout fiasco for McCain or the Republicans. The GOP is stalling for time, but those guys don't have any answers and there is no "winning way" out of Bushies big heist event. Bush and Cheney weren't in it for anybody but themselves and as I've said before loyalty to the Bush Administration was very much a one-way street.

UPDATE: The Off Again - On Again Presidential Campaign of John McCain.

Apparently Sen. McConfused has been pointed toward Mississippi, walked to his waiting jet and told the Wall Street Journal had already posted his success in tonight’s debate. Murdock must have been pretty adamant that his campaign money and ad spots in his "fair and balanced" newspaper not be a total waste.

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