Sunday, September 7, 2008

Broder’s Worthless Banter

Things are changing out there, so how about shaking up the opinion pages of the national newspapers too?

How about some new faces who are not so full of themselves and their collective hogwash which they persistently and feverishly peddle to the paying public without regard for quality. So much rubbish is being produced from our national news sources that in essence a very large part has become nothing but a major waste of ink and paper. There are bloggers whose opinions are worthy and informative enough to read every single day but then you have blind partisans like David Broder still mucking up the world with his always wrong theories on politics, so perhaps it's time to clean the house and jump start new reasons to sell national newsprint.

Whether it is Barack Obama or John McCain going to the White House in January, the new president will understand that his mandate from the voters is to cleanse Washington of its excessive partisanship and attempt to break the gridlock that has prevailed on almost all the big issues. The good news is that Obama and McCain, for different reasons, have about as good a prospect of achieving that change as any two politicians you could find.

The acceptance speeches they delivered will not find places in many collections of great campaign oratory. But rhetoric aside, the clear intent of both candidates was to signal that they understand the frustration of voters of all parties with the poisonous status quo of recent years in Washington.

What is with this expectation that somehow John McCain, once elected, will re-emerge from his new found love for Big Oil campaign money as the old (dead and forgotten) maverick instead of the nasty snake oil salesman he has become? Is there any doubt that McCain will comfortably retire right into the loving care of Cheney's good old oil buddies the very minute his fat old butt hits the oval office chair?

Apparently not all Republicans are buying Broder's load of cow manure here. Syndicated columnist Minette Marrin isn't having any of this pretend "change" or supposed reform coming from John McCain or Sarah Palin's rhetoric.

"....last week everything changed. John McCain’s choice of Governor Sarah Palin was the last straw. It makes American politics look like a sick comedy. My faith in my native country had already been shaken by other elections and by other wrongs, such as the Iraq war (which I at first supported, to my shame). But the moose-hunting pitbull with lipstick is too much. I have never used my vote in the past, but if I had, I would usually have voted Republican. Today no rational conservative can vote for the Palin and McCain ticket. It makes America an international laughing stock. The fact that there has been a Palin bounce, after her charismatic speech, fills me with dismay."

And Ms. Marrin is absolutely right too. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were a very large part of the sickness of the Bush Administration but we can all see that McCain is eagerly indulging in the exact same ritualized sickness that infects the current administration.

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