Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are We Coming to a Civil War

So Keith Olbermann was removed from reporting on politics while the horrible partisan rubbish continues unabated at FOX News even when there are more registered Democrats now that Republicans.

Oh yeah, and there were 800 people arrested in St. Paul - thanks to Republicans that hate other people in the US who don't much care for corporate control. The only thing I know for sure is that, that kind of civil unrest gets a lot worse before it ever gets better.

That next time Bush (and Cheney) have 30 counts of felonies hanging over their heads for illegal wiretapping – lets hope the Democrats are not stupid enough to stop the law proceedings. Somebody has to put a stop to this crap, but it won't ever be the Democrats, obviously. It'll be when the US Banks fail as Democrats stand by and just let it happen and we have another great depression era in order to motivate humanity. Obama SHOULD never have stop that FISA law proceeding and so now, Obama can't talk about our Constitutional law and John McCain since Obama himself has already violated his own oath of office due to his FISA Vote.

If you're a liberal, than you should be furious with MSNBC, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and with Chuck Schumer, particularly after his comment about how the Constitution doesn’t poll well.

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