Thursday, September 4, 2008

The War Zone in St. Paul

Wired blog has this out: Video of Clashes Between St. Paul Police and RNC Protesters.

It sounds almost like a civil war in St. Paul. It also seems like the kind of problem that gets worse with time. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has this news:

Taxpayers off the hook for GOP convention lawsuits

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Taxpayers should be off the hook for any damages stemming from claims of police misconduct related to the Republican National Convention under a first-of-its-kind agreement.

The deal required the Republican Party's host committee to buy insurance covering up to $10 million in damages and unlimited legal costs for law enforcement officials accused of brutality, violating civil rights and other misconduct.

Other cities who hosted conventions in recent years — including Denver, Boston, New York and Philadelphia — either covered those costs from their general budgets or used tax money to buy insurance policies

The Democratic Party didn't have this problem in Denver and wasn't ask to front massive insurance coverage fees. However, I can certainly see how Karl Rove and the Bush Administration's massive hate doctrines have been the caused of this showdown in St. Paul. When it comes to the GOP, the city had the right to ask for up-front insurance fees. Republicans seem to have wanted a civil war in the US with their division tactics and all out lies. Add in an overzealous St. Paul Police and Sheriff's Departments and the city might just need more that $10 million to cover all the damages and lawsuits.

And so now I'm wondering if ANY state will want to host the Republican Party Convention in the future seeing how ugly everything got in St. Paul with the current GOP Convention?

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