Monday, September 15, 2008

Liberals Should Oust Nancy Pelosi

Talking Points Memo and Boston news has it that Pelosi is leading the way to off-shore drilling and undoing a the nearly 40-year drilling ban for oil drilling platforms

Nancy Pelosi LIED to Americans about the FISA Bill and she will not even consider taking impeachment off the table - which is the exactly the same as endorsing ALL of the Bush Administration's illegal acts. When it comes to oil prices, ever since Bush came into to office, it has been nothing but a price fixing scheme Bush did for his good oil buddies. Americans won't stop buying Mideast oil until we invest in renewable resources, not more drilling, more ruining of our environment will accomplish nothing.

Pelosi is the biggest coward among House Democrats next to old Senate leader Tom Daschle who rightly got the boot by voters. I'd really like it if Democrats booted Pelosi out of office too as soon as possible. She is utterly spineless for someone who wrote a book entitled: "Know Your Power". Anymore Nancy Pelosi only seems to know how to concede over and over again to George Bush, Dick Cheney and GOP.

It is time to get rid of her.

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