Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is Why Karl Rove Lost his Job at the Whitehouse

Karl pissed-off one to many Republican congress members with his arrogant impertinence.

From Greg Sargent over at Talking Points Memo.

McCain's Lying Has Gone Too Far, According To ... Karl Rove!

Wow. This is a bit like being labeled a sleaze merchant by Bob Guccione or Larry Flynt. The Obama campaign is calling attention to Karl Rove's appearance on FOX News today, in which he actually told Chris Wallace that McCain's lying adver-sleazements have gone too far.

I get the distinct impression that Coach Rove is tired of McCain’s senile problems. I’m fairly sure that the elderly McCain simply cannot remember the script right and thus deviates disastrously from Rove’s carefully chosen words. It must be very frustrating for Coach Rove to have no talent to work with, as McCain wasn’t built to lie with the same psychopathic ease that little Bushie demonstrated so efficiently for last eight years.

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