Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cheney and Bush Don't Need Vetting

This from Kevin Drum at his new site where he blogs for Mother Jones Magazine.

The McCain campaign is scared to death. They knew nothing about Palin before they announced her, they relied on a cursory vetting process that has turned out to be shot full of holes, they realize now that she has no settled views on any issue of national importance and could blurt out anything at any time, and they're terrified about what might crop up next. So they're keeping her in the deep freeze.

The truth about Sarah Palin is that the Bush Administration pick her FOR McCain's campaign. Nobody can miss the obvious signs here because who else doesn't do vetting? The Bush administration certainly never found the need to vet government officials since that Administration bases everything they do on corporate lobbyists' wishes and demands. McCain is so obviously being directed by the Big Oil people behind the Bush Administration that the ONLY requirement for Sarah Palin is that she be Pro-Drill ANWR, and that ONLY issue that kept Big Oil from contributing big money to the McCain campaign was McCain past disloyalty and wayward ANWR vote.

This is how you know that McCain is exactly like Bush Administration because the Bush Administration is making all the decisions for the McCain campaign and you can clearly see evidence of this with McCain's lack of a vetting process. McCain is willing to allow corporate control the same as the Bush Administration completely allowed it as the Bush Administration takes ALL its directives from Big Oil and other global corporate control companies. The GOP is also exclusively and entirely being driven by corporate lobbyist, and there isn’t any actually voter input that doesn’t come straight from AEI or from Global Corporate masterminding. To get Americans to vote on Republican policies, the GOP twist the corporate demands into a outright lies, like the Iraq war and scheme to privatizing social security. Anymore, the Republicans are always trying to deceive voters into giving up their rights, their social security to the control of corporate lobbyist.

This is precisely where today's media and newspaper journalist have utterly failed the American people. The press has not only allowing our US government to outright lie to us many times over during the Bush Administration, the press and media have actively participated in the process of routinely aiding this administration in the telling of lies to the American public. If the press didn't allow Republicans to lie, than the press was accused of being a "liberal" media, but of course, that has been no excuse especially for the newspaper press to have been so utterly complaint in these outright lies.

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