Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Is Where Obama Loses the Election

The test is going to be Bush's Proposed Bailout Plan. Will it go the way of the FISA Vote?

Of course it will, Dems don't have any decent leadership in today's Party.

This is where most voters will see that Obama, for all his big talk, isn't ready to lead, and isn't really leadership simply because standing up to corporations, or standing up to Bush politics isn't something Obama ever had the spine for or even the desire to do. Obama has become alot of meaningless big talk but is utterly incapable of walking any of his talk as we saw with the FISA vote and this time Obama is careful not to promise anything but giving in completely to Bush's crappy bailout plan - no questions asked.

This is where the independent voters completely walk away. Obama has become the most hype-up crock of all time, hasn't he?

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