Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain - What an Idiot

At Bloomberg.com: McCain Calls Wall Street Reckless, Obama Hits McCain

Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Republican presidential nominee John McCain lashed out at ``reckless'' investments by Wall Street as his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, tied the crisis in U.S. financial markets to policies McCain supports.

McCain struck a strongly populist tone, blaming greed and corruption for putting American workers and the economy at risk.

It's all Wall Street's fault that the Republican controlled congress deregulated the rules for the US Securities and Exchange Commission so that Wall Street could become "reckless". This is just more Bushism in a nutshell. Bush blamed everything else but his own stupid policies when they didn't work and as we can see, McCain is no different.

Obama says the following and and is absolutely right too.

In Golden, Colorado, Obama said McCain's ``newfound support for regulation'' belied a record of backing deregulation and support for the economic philosophy of President Geroge W. Bush's administration.

UPDATE: It is obivous that McCain is simply running for retirement in the Oval Office rocking chair. It isn't really McCain that anybody would be electing - it is the corporate mob. Eschaton and Digby have post up too about how McCain in this fashion too.

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