Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Political Suicide if Ayers is Mentioned

Will Barack Obama run from his palling around with Ayers if that senile old goat, John McCain dares to mention the word "Ayers"? This is why tomorrow's debate will be bit like watching a dangerous circus act. John McCain might seriously fall from his high-wire act and it is sure to be bloody.

Talking Points Memo says:

In an interview that John McCain gave to local radio in St. Louis, McCain says that he was "astonished" to hear Barack Obama say recently that he was reluctant to bring up Ayers to Obama's face, and promises that he'll raise the subject at tomorrow's debate.

Uh Oh! Well that isn't good news, at least not for McCain. Recently on the Rachel Maddow Show, Lawrence O'Donnell told Rachel that McCain would NOT bring up the Ayers connection simply because it would be political suicide to do so. I must admit that I feel sort of sorry for McCain, because I do actually believe that McCain, the man actually did try to be a real maverick to the ugliness of the Bush Administration, but Bush is a very corrupt man that welds all the money. Little Bushie demands absolute loyalty to the point of political self-ruin for his fellow Republicans and it's never made any difference to Dubya what happens after he leaves the Whitehouse. This is why so many Republicans simply retired and left the party. It was the only way to refuse the utter ruthless of George W. Bush. But John McCain sold his soul to be the Republican nominee even if the price tag will never be worth it.

John McCain should just let it go. It should be noted that when it comes down to the only way for John McCain to win the debate - is in fact to lose the debate. Let it go, for once go in grace and let Bushism slide into the dark abyss for all time, or, bring up Ayers and the face the Charles Keating music again since McCain certainly didn't pay for that association in his past. Lose big or lose small - in the end, Mr. "France is our foe" already sold everything he was to Bush's grand plan for victory in Iraq. Cowards die many times and I'm sure McCain has never moved beyond being a POW, be it under little Bushie control or as a Vietnam Prisoner of War.

UPDATE: John McCain mentioned Ayers and it was disastrous all right. Obama didn't need the Keating event to make McCain look like a desperate, mean spirited old man that complains bitterly should anyone point out how ugly he has been in this campaign. All in all, a pretty bad moment for McCain, one that should have sincerely embarrassed the old senator - "at long last, McCain, have you no shame!"

There is a reason why Karl Rove had to leave the Whitehouse. It is because Karl was a very ugly person who's ugliness finally caught up with him. McCain failed to see and acknowledge Rove's fall from grace and what that signified. Without the 9/11 attack and an ignored August 6th briefing, Americans may well have demanded that Bush vacate the Whitehouse way back in his first term. It would have saved the nation from the catastrophic economic fall-out transpiring in our nation today. With all the evidence, we know that 9/11 was a very preventable catastrophe but that single event has cost us much in human lives and national expenditure. We can lay everything at Bush and Cheney feet because they cause all the problems we now have and both men noticeably don't have any regrets. Bush is seen laughing his way out of office making jokes about how Wall Street went crazy when Bush, himself spent taxpayer money like a drunken sailor during his term. It was merely a fun eight-year ride for those two crooks. Bush and Cheney looted taxpayer money, broke US Constitutional oaths of office and lied about everything. I will never, ever vote for a Republican again as long as I live.

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uglygeorge said...

Christ, I sure feel relieved that you Unfairness & Inaccuracy In Media mules are calling McCain "a tired old goat" whilst Obama is "the fair-haired-boy" (or suchlike). Now Ugly George can rest EZ knowing that with Commie Pinkos like youse guys leaning left, we will get a Fair & Balanced picture of this vital election: ANY Republican is innately evil whilst ANY Dem is dying with love 4 the Poor & Black (etc., ad nauseam)...See UG's fair & balanced videos on Utube of NYS Assmbly Farrell & foist Hispanic Congressman & McCain booster Herman Badillo!