Monday, December 1, 2008

Spencer Ackerman is Asking the Right Question.

This from Ackerman's blog:

"These sources noted that Obama himself has said
he would not be "careless" about withdrawal and would retain a "residual" force of unspecified size to fight terrorists and protect U.S. diplomats and civilians. The officer most concerned about untimely withdrawal, sources said, is the Iraq commander, Gen. Ray Odierno."

Here's where the rubber hits the road. The Status of Forces Agreement just approved by the Iraqi Parliament calls for all U.S. troops to leave Iraq by December 2011. (It's possible they mey even have to leave by May 2010.) Not combat troops, all troops -- no residual force.
Obama hasn't said exactly what he makes of the deal, but since it does nothing but take a massive controversy off his plate, it's difficult to see why he'd oppose it.

The whole world is watching with baited breath to see exactly how Barack Obama responses to the mess in Iraq. Any attempt to defy the will of the Iraqi people will say volumes about who Obama really is, if Obama is going to try to save big oil or do the will of American voters instead of merely lying, the way Obama did with that FISA Bill. This Iraq mess shows the deep, permanent harm the Bush Administration wrought to Western Oil and their global brand names, but Bush/Cheney were big oil's representatives so big oil can hardly complain about the global hell-hole they're in right now.

With that said, it well soon be obvious why Obama pick Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. It won't be pretty, and it will cause not only a national falling out with Obama as President within the US, but a global disenchantment too. We all know WHY Obama is picking Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. There is only one reason why the Marc Rich clemency team would get the go ahead in an Obama Administration.

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