Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bush in an Iraqi Photo-Op as GM Crumbles

Bush is off making a last ditch effort to put his beloved big oil contributors first and foremost even as GM crumbles into the dirt. No need to hurry any bailout for the auto industry while Bushie contemplates how best to screw over those lowly American autoworkers while threatening Iraqis with dismal BS about liberal agendas.

Meanwhile, if Bushie scrooge could outsource the labor of US autoworkers and save only those GM board members and GM’s blessed big oil loving CEO, Mr. Wagoner, than Bushies hate fill Christmas FU to average Americans will have been successfullly accomplished. I don’t know what irate and utter gibberish Bushie is lamenting to oil rich Iraqi dignitaries but the only genuine legacy Bushie really has is that NOBODY can believe a single obtuse word junior says. It’s all 100% trash talk. Iraqis will simply blink their eyes at Bushie’s stuttering lexicon, eye each impatiently awaiting for the silly idiot to get his drunken ass back on his presidential plane and leave Western Big Oil pipe-dreams in the dust.

UPDATE: Bush's fond farewell in Iraq.

The Iraq people know full well that Bush is only there for Iraqi oil and not for anything else.

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