Monday, December 15, 2008

OMG, I Found a REAL Conservative.

I can remember a time when Republicans spoke and believed in the rule of law, talked and looked like Thomas Tamm. Mr. Tamm is the flip side of Glenn Greenwald AND NOBODY would make the mistake of calling Mr. Tamm a "lefty-liberal" even when he speaks much the same way as Glenn Greenwald does.

Mr. Tamm is the kind of conservative that today's Republican Party is missing, and the absents of these kind of conservatives are why Christopher Buckley quit the GOP saying it was "not his father's Republican Party." Under Bush and Cheney, the GOP is now the party of criminal, unchristian, dishonest liars - the lot of them. Today's GOP has become the party of sinister men with greedy, criminal agendas. A far-right conservative like Thomas Tamm would have impeached George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for not being conservative with taxpayer money, for breaking the rule of law, and for lying. This is why I say, Bush is not a conservative, he is a criminal - and there IS a big difference between the two. The conservative party that I knew and recognized prior to the Bush Administration simply doesn't exist anymore.

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