Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recording the Images of War

AP: US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,125

The Iraq war is a very hidden war however, there are a few news photographers who do try to record the images of war. Recently a freelance photographer, Zoriah Miller got into some trouble for photographing the casualties of war. Miller was embedded with U.S. Marines in Anbar Province in Iraq when he captured images that included the deaths of US military members.

I think it is very important that Americans see at least some images of this war in Iraq so as not to forget the sacrifice of our military and not to ignore the horror of what war necessitates with its inception. We all need to understand what it is that our military men and women have to endure as well as empathize with Iraqis who live each day in the midst of a war zone.

From the He described the scene as "horrific beyond words." "I found it nearly impossible to look through the viewfinder. What I saw was abhorrently graphic, yet far too important for the world to ignore. I present images that provide an uncensored view of a terrible event, and some small measure of dignity to those who lost their lives."

He published the pictures, including those of the dead Marines, on his web site and has found himself at the center of a major controversy over press freedom vs. military prerogatives, the political dangers of being embedded with a military unit and the importance of video and photographic coverage of war, particularly one that is unpopular.

Zoriah Miller has his own website. Warning - the site has very graphic photo images of death in Iraq.

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