Monday, July 28, 2008

A Forgone Conclusion

Last week the political consensus in the political cartoon world seems to be centered around “a forgone conclusion”. The idea that Obama would be the next president simply because Obama left McCain in his dust, so to speak.

Obama has taken the world by political storm since visiting foreign countries as the Tom Toles political cartoon at the Washington Post indicates. The WaPo also links to Ann Telnaes Animations that seems to share the exact same sentiment as Tom.

The Boston Globe chimes in with an op-ed by Joan Vennochi with same forgone conclusions.

Despite that inconvenient truth, it is still hard to imagine McCain stopping destiny's child.

Like Sisyphus, the Republican is pushing a heavy boulder up a steep hill. It is weighted down by his own flubs and flaws, the unpopularity of George W. Bush, the price of gas, and the increasing aura of inevitability surrounding Obama.
This week I make my first attempt at a political cartoon. Since the whole political storybook of the Bush Administration seems to evolve principally around Big Oil and catering heavily to these particular industries' wants and needs, with an especially willing GOP, that it all looks incredibly fatal to me. So here is my take on a foregone conclusion.

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