Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Magic Word is "Theoretically"

And so we get this dreadful note from MSMBC (as if on cue):

Oil prices have steadily rose over the last year, and experts are worrying further increases could snuff out an already-fragile global economic recovery.

President Barack Obama is expected to announce Wednesday his plan to open oil and natural gas drilling off the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico. The proposal aims to reduce the nation’s reliance on foreign oil, which theoretically could hold down prices for U.S. consumers.
It's not peak oil, it's price fixing - big oil is now telling the press that it's the Euro that is the cause of their national price-fixing scam (and make no mistake, it's a con-job). So now we see that supposed Democrat, Prez Obama doesn't mind playing this game with the American people either. Everything Obama is doing is a big a lie, just like Bush and Dick Cheney were doing, every time those two opened their mouths.

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